Non-formal education and e-learning for inclusion

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Diversity is one of the strengths of Europe, but we can observe and feel different kinds of discrimination at social, cultural and economic level. Racism and xenophobia are experienced by individuals due to their origin, culture, language, or lifestyle. Nowadays – due to the current political, economic and social situations worldwide – migration is one of the most important questions within the EU and worldwide. So, it is essential to not only improve our intercultural competences and sensitivity, but also to develop good practices and methods which could help to understand, tolerate and accept each other and support the social, educational integration of children and young people coming from minority groups or have migrant background.

With the NEELI project, we address the ongoing priorities for the youth sector of the Council of Europe (work on the recognition of non-formal education, strengthen the quality of youth work and involving young people with fewer opportunities).

The capacity building and the development of youth workers and staff members, the exchange of best practices and ideas through networking and the development of inventive and innovative methods will ensure the sustainability of the project results.

  • Full title: NEELI - Non-formal education and e-learning for inclusion
  • Start: 2016/09/01
  • Finish: 2018/08/31
  • Programme: ERASMUS+
  • Sub-Programme: Key Action 2 – Capacity building in the field of youth
  • Website: N/A


Eurotender Association, Hungary

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Greece


Red Acoge, Spain

EnAIP Piemonte, Italy

World Affairs Council of Northwest Ohio, USA


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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