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Public policies made by citizens

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The project addressed the problem of lack of participation of young people. Its mission was to engage young people in providing valuable, sustainable and feasible solutions to problems of public concern. The young individuals participating in the project had the opportunity to participate online, using the“SMART method of public policy, a method developed by SMART Development Centre and recognized as a good practice example at the Council of Europe.

The project had two distinct target groups: young people wanting to become involved and provide solutions to community problems and decision makers, who are in the position to transform the solutions provided by young people into community action.

  • Full title: Public policies made by citizens
  • Start: 10/09/2009
  • Finish: 31/08/2010
  • Programme: Youth in Action
  • Sub-Programme: Youth Democracy Projects
  • Website:


Etudiants pour une Europe de l’Education & Etudiants pour une Societe Durable, France

SMART Development Centre & Students’ League from Lower Danube University of Galati, Romania

Project Progress

Public Policies Made by Citizens