State of agitation

State of agitation


The project rationale started from the premise that the younger generation, unlike their fathers, does not have the opportunity to get involved, to plan their future and to see its ideas implemented. The problem for most of them is the lack of useful tools for self-determination, the ability to decide their common fate together and the lack of information on the new instruments that institutions make available and how to access these services.

In order to attempt and provide a solution to the problem, the project aimed at bringing together youth from two countries (Greece and Italy) and allowing them to share their common problems and suggesting solutions.

  • Full title: State of agitation
  • Start: 01/05/2009
  • Finish: 30/05/2010
  • Programme: Youth in Action
  • Sub-Programme: Youth Initiatives
  • Website: N/A


Movimento delle Associazioni di Volontariato Italiano Onlus

State of Agitation