Research Idea

App for Healthy and Independent Ageing at Home

TOPIC: Smart and healthy living at home

Programme: H2020

Deadline for call: 14 Nov 2018

Category: Elderly, ageing, health, healthy living, discrimination
Target beneficiaries: Health companies, elderly.

General Description

Ageing is not necessarily a burden, and it does not necessarily decrease a person's ability to live and act independently. It is both a national and a European goal to facilitate an active late adulthood, with good health and quality of life, that allows older adults to be more self-reliant in everyday life for as long as possible.

This WP will be a part of a project related with independent and healthy ageing at home.

WP will focus on developing the essential software infrastructure from an e-company for a better and more independent ageing. Specifically, WP will focus on the design and development of the back-end framework, where all services will be executed and all mobile applications will run. It will follow a user-oriented approach to identify the needs, define the platform form and it will test the software built, in order to deliver a reliable and easy-to-use platform.

The software development will be followed by a pilot testing period.

Output: Independent living software


Research Idea