Research Idea

Educational Material Implementation for radioactive laboratories

TOPIC: Availability and use of research infrastructures for education, training and competence building

Programme: H2020

Deadline for call: 27 Sep 2018

Category: Industrial Radiography Laboratories, nuclear energy, gamified platforms
Target beneficiaries: University students, nuclear laboratories

General Description

This WP will be a part of an educational material for University Department students related with radioactive laboratories. An educational radiation protection material in Industrial Radiography Laboratories or radiation protection of students participating in nuclear medicine laboratories. IED will be responsible for the pilot implementation/stimulation of the training material through a gamified platform.

The gamified e-learning platform is an innovative way to engage distant learners into the training procedure. E-learning courses are a popular way to give access to knowledge for those people. The gamified e-learning platform will host all the training materials and the tools that consists the training program.

The visitors will have the option to register themselves at the platform and create their personal profile. The platform will be user-friendly and it will support a chat room, where the registered members can communicate with each other in pairs, in groups or in a common forum.

The platform will be available in all partners’ languages. The contents will be uploaded in the platform in all the languages that they have been produced.

Output: Implementation of the Educational Material


Research Idea