Research Idea

Mapping of the Migrants’ Employment Flow

TOPIC: Human factors, and social, societal, and organisational aspects of border and external security

Programme: H2020

Deadline for call: 23 Aug 2018

Category: Mapping, Research, Migration, Employment Flow
Target Group: Universities, asylum beneficiaries, public entitles, municipalities

General Description

In this WP a mapping will pattern the dynamics of migration within the EU, considering both EU citizens and third-country nationals (TCNs), with the goal of creating a comprehensive source of data on intra-EU mobility.

In addition to describing migration flows, the analysis also aims to identify the challenges of monitoring intra-EU mobility and bring forward effective solutions to these limitations and in the same the it will observe the employment flow of migration within the EU.

Within a larger project, this work package will contribute to the component examining the nature and impacts of migration. The work package will catalogue and synthesize data sources that will provide insights into different aspects of migrants’ mobility, creating a database that will facilitate future research. It will bring these statistics together to draw a comprehensive picture of what available statistics can tell us about the scale and characteristics of migrants’ mobility, enabling comparisons of different mobility metrics across Member States. These metrics will be used by researchers conducting cross-country analysis in several of potential following work packages.

Output: Mapping/Database


Research Idea