Research Idea

Research of Energy Efficiency Results in Rural Areas

TOPIC: Socio-economic research conceptualising and modelling energy efficiency and energy demand

Programme: H2020

Deadline for call: 04 Sep 2018

Category: Green Entrepreneurship, Energy Efficiency
Target Group:

Target beneficiaries: Green entrepreneurs, Unemployed workers, Energy inspectors/researchers, Local Communities.

General Description

Access to sustainable and affordable energy services is a crucial factor in reducing poverty in underdeveloped areas. In particular, small-scale and community-based renewable energy projects are recognized as important forms of development assistance for reaching the energy in local communities. However, to date only a few empirical evaluations exist which analyze and compare the impact of these projects on local living conditions and their sustainable ex-post implementation.

A desk research on a local sustainable energy plan that will simultaneously address different parameters relating to the local economy, growth and employment opportunities will be conducted. The desk research will also examine the local communities’ energy efficiency especially in rural disadvantaged areas.

This WP will be a part of a proposal that has been already implemented energy efficiency in rural/local disadvantaged areas and in this particular WP a research will take place in order to examine the results of energy efficiency in the areas.

Implementation of case studies will be carried out by means of a strict interaction with relevant stakeholders, in order to ensure appropriate understanding of the problem and appropriate design of solutions after being examined in this WP.

Output: Report & Databases


Research Idea