Research Idea

Simulating the Decision-Making Process

TOPIC: Agricultural digital integration platforms

Programme: H2020

Deadline for call: 14 Nov 2018

Category: Agriculture, Digital innovation, Value chain, Decision Making
Target Group: Farmers, Producers, Traders, Food companies, Retailers

General Description

The agribusiness sector encompasses huge diversity and variety at each stage, from R & D-based companies to generic manufacturers, subsistence farmers to high tech agroholdings, biotech boutiques and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to multinational corporations. IASA – Intelligent Agriculture Support Assistant serves as a guide to the design of appropriate programme interventions that apply to the development of competitive agricultural value chains. It emphasizes interventions that promote financial inclusiveness and the overall development goals.

The initial idea for the development of IASA is based on the need for better decision making on specific variables that affect the business process, without the user requesting it through an artificial intelligent system. IASA, like most software agents, will be supported by an intelligent user interface wherein the user interacts with the artificial assistant at a higher and more natural level. The user can select his/her references and the business stage that he/she is in and IASA can provide solutions to the everyday problems that has to cope with.

Output: IASA – Intelligent Agriculture Support Assistant


Research Idea