Research Idea

Toolkit on cultural heritage

TOPIC: Collaborative approaches to cultural heritage for social cohesion

Programme: H2020

Deadline for call: 14 Mar 2019

Category: Culture, Entrepreneurship, Big Data
Target Group: Local Operators, Cultural Entrepreneurs/Enterprises

General Description

The promotion and valorisation of cultural heritage can be instrumental for the regeneration of areas facing challenges such as de-industrialisation, lack of attractiveness and the shift to the new economy. The rich and varied European heritage features great potential. Even though cultural heritage is certainly a European shared resource, it is at the local level that it features the most important development potential. The most recent research and contemporary projects show that the revitalisation of historic areas and the safeguarding of cultural heritage can provide important economic benefits to local production systems, giving new impulse to economic activities and generating locally-rooted jobs.

The main objective of the proposed WP is the development of a tool that could be used by local operators with regard to their effective collaboration towards cultural heritage. This type of collaboration should be linked to traditional production of local products and how these could be distinguished as cultural particularities.

The innovation of the tool lays in the fact that it will make use of big data and artificial intelligence to retrieve and record data.

Output: Toolkit


Research Idea