Research Idea

Toolkit to scale up deployment of capital into energy efficiency

TOPIC: Mainstreaming energy efficiency finance

Programme: H2020

Deadline for call: 04 Sep 2018

Category: Energy Efficiency, toolkit, investment in energy sector
Target beneficiaries: Private providers, SMEs, etc

General Description

This WP will include the design of a toolkit to assist financial institutions to scale up their deployment of capital into energy efficiency.

Although the focus will be on value and risk appraisal, additional material on the size of the potential market, methods of financing and the project life cycle will be included to give a fuller picture and help build capacity within financial institutions.

Although the Toolkit will primarily aim at private providers of finance or enterprises, (i)the principles of energy efficiency financing, (ii) the project life cycle and (iii) the value and risk appraisal approach described within the Toolkit will apply equally to public bodies deploying capital into energy efficiency and therefore the Toolkit should also be of assistance to those developing publicly supported energy efficiency programmes.

The Toolkit will also aim to assist project developers to design projects that are more in line with the requirements of financial institutions.

Output: Toolkit


Research Idea