How to manage your Erasmus+ KA2 project: useful hints & tips

Brief introduction to training

The main objective of the training course is to present to the participants useful tools and methodology in order to be able to successfully manage and implement ERASMUS+ Key Action 2 projects, either if they participate as partners or if they are the leading partners of a project.

What will you learn?

Know (knowledge)

  • The basic methodology for successfully implementing and managing an ERASMUS+ project
  • The various aspects and parameters of managing an ERASMUS+ project
  • The various tools that can be used for the successful management in implementation of ERASMUS+ projects

Understand (skills)

  • The nature of ERASMUS+ projects
  • The characteristics that a successful project manager should have
  • The basic actions that a project manager should take right from the beginning of the project

Be able to (competences)

  • Successfully manage and implement ERASMUS+ KA2 projects
  • Use relevant tools and methodologies

Who is the course for?

Everyone involved in the management and implementation of ERASMUS+ projects.

Introduction – presentation of the contents and the learning objectives

Project management & implementation

  • Planning and organizing project’s activities at the very start
  • Project’s timeline
  • Dissemination activities
  • Evaluation and quality assurance of the project
  • Enhancing the communication and collaboration between partners
  • Management and coordination of the transnational meetings
  • Management and coordination of the intellectual outputs
  • Management and coordination of the multiplier events
  • Management and coordination of the training activities

Financial management

  • Project’s budget allocation & budget categories
  • Necessary supporting documents for each budget category
  • Budget modifications rules & requests
  • Preparation for the project’s interim and final report


About the trainer

Panagiotis Koutoudis holds a MSc in Applied Economics & a graduate degree in Economic Science from the Athens University of Economics and Business. He is the lead project manager of iED with a vast experience in the management & implementation of national and European projects. His portfolio consists of researches, studies & training materials on the topics of entrepreneurship, business development, etc.

How to manage your Erasmus+ KA2 project: useful hints & tips