Develop a high-quality communication plan for your ERASMUS+ project

Brief introduction to training

Being a horizontal activity, the communication and dissemination of a project is of great importance not only regarding its objectives and sustainability, but also the partners involved. This is why it needs to be thoroughly planned from the very beginning, while it also needs to be made abundantly clear that a successful dissemination plan is intricately linked with the partnership’s active participation. This training will provide useful information and advice on developing a high-quality communication plan that not only can be used as a model for all your future ERASMUS+ projects, but also can be tailor-made and adapted to the resources available as well as the internal needs of your organization.

What will you learn?

Know (knowledge)

  • the importance of a state-of-the-art communication plan
  • the main components of a communication plan of an ERASMUS+ project
  • the basic methodology of creating a communication plan
  • the additional parts that can be/should be included

Understand (skills)

  • what takes a communication plan to the next level
  • the role of planning ahead and organizing when developing a communication plan
  • the basic tasks of the activity leader as well as of every partner

Be able to (competences)

  • develop a sound and consistent communication plan
  • adapt a communication plan regarding your project, partnership and target groups

Who is the course for?

Everyone involved in the management and implementation of ERASMUS+ projects.


  • Aims of a communication plan
  • The importance of an effective communication plan in an ERASMUS+ project

Tools for communication

  • Significance of each tool
  • Adapting the tools to the needs of your ERASMUS+ project
  • Additional tools you should consider and why

Planning your communication plan

  • Creating a schedule for your communication activities
  • Organizing communication tasks: tools for internal use & scheduling


About the trainer

For Anna Koronioti, communication skills are a significant requirement for a successful professional and personal life. Through her academic and professional experience in various fields, she has accumulated necessary and useful knowledge regarding the development of a high-quality communication plan, while on a personal level, she consistently seeks to improve her communication skills also by studying foreign languages, i.e. English, French and Spanish. Additionally, her previous professional experience as a Social Media Account Coordinator for a well-known Greek advertising firm, as well as her leading the dissemination activity for various ERASMUS+ projects, has equipped her with important knowledge, tools and techniques for developing a qualitative and efficient communication plan.

Develop a high-quality communication plan for your ERASMUS+ project