EUropreneurship Network

The network that aspires to define and gather all the stakeholders about Entrepreneurship across Europe.

EUropreneurship Network

European Entrepreneurship: The EUropreneurship Concept

According to the European Commission, "entrepreneurship is an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action. It includes creativity, innovation, risk-taking, ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives". European Entrepreneurship or EUropreneurship refers to the common principles to all fields and sectors of society, economy, and culture of the Member States of the European Union. It promotes European values and supports inclusion and equal opportunities.

Remarkably, only 37% of European citizens would like to establish their own company, compared to 51% of people in the United States and 57% in China.

European entrepreneurship needs to change and be more flexible. Overcoming challenges, removing obstacles to entrepreneurial activities, and supporting entrepreneurship education will offer Europeans the required skills and competencies, boost the economy, create job opportunities, and accelerate growth.

The EUropreneurship Network focuses on the cooperation between stakeholders about Entrepreneurship across Europe to develop innovation capabilities, scale-up growth, support equal opportunities and achieve wider European Entrepreneurship goals.​


Our objectives are our commitments and our primary area of focus.


Switch from a local to a pan- European approach for Entrepreneurship

Grasp the opportunity to implement initiatives that will develop business ecosystems, enhance European Entrepreneurship and promote important European values, principles, and ethics.


Highlight local competitive advantages

Our goal is to highlight local differences in values and culture as a competitive advantage through the exchanges, share entrepreneurial know-how and produce ideas with peers from other European countries.


Increase collaboration and build partnerships

The cooperation among organizations, SMEs, startups, and stakeholders focusing on innovation is strengthened by promoting activities across Europe, through the EUropreneurship Network.


Support members networking

It is our priority to increase the visibility and raise awareness of the network's members. Additionally, we promote all members’ activities, achievements, and events.

Who can be a partner?

The EUropreneurship Network is open to the participation of all types of entities, public or private, whether for profit or not, which strive to define and explore the aspects of European Entrepreneurship and are interested in innovating (enterprises, Universities, VET providers, SMEs, etc.).

Members' Benefits

  • Participation in the first Network that defines and promotes the term of European Entrepreneurship.
  • Join in common research efforts in the field of European Entrepreneurship.
  • Information regarding current trends and activities about European Entrepreneurship.
  • Active participation in policy making.
  • Networking and capacity-building for member organizations​.
  • Go on exchanges, share know-how and innovative entrepreneurial project ideas with reliable European partners.
  • Access, guidance and support on EU funded projects and find consortium partners​.
  • Gain access to a network of experienced and reliable partners​.
  • Scale-up and internalization of your organization​.
  • Gain visibility and profile raising​.
  • Custom-made training activities and access to smart educational tools​.

Clusters of the Network

Leap at the opportunity to participate in or lead one of the Scientific Clusters​.

  • Health
  • Climate
  • Inclusive Society
  • Energy & Mobility
  • Culture & Creativity
  • Civil Security for Society 
  • Digital, Industry & Space
  • Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture & Environment

Core Services

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Visibility & Profile Raising​

An open pan-European community offering recognition, scaling-up and profile raising to its members.

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Research & Policy Influencing

A unique reference point on defining European Entrepreneurship and promoting its principles and values to the society and policy-makers​.

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Networking & Cooperation​

An efficient networking platform for EU-funded collaborative projects, with reliable and experienced partners crossing multiple sectors and fields via its Clusters.​

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Education & Training​

An inclusive educational library, offering tailor-made training services, workshops and smart tools to its members.

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