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iED Services

Your Gateway to Specialized EU Funding and Project Expertise

Our specialised services cater to the unique demands of EU-funded and innovation projects. We cover everything from initial proposal preparation to comprehensive project management and execution.

Each project receives our focused expertise to ensure every detail is expertly handled. Allow us to lead you through our wide array of services, all designed to elevate your project’s success at each phase.

Our Comprehensive Services

Offers expert help navigating EU funding opportunities, including application and compliance.

Ensures timely, budget-compliant project delivery and objective fulfilment.

Aids in forming strategic European partnerships for collaborative projects.

Manages effective communication and promotion of project outcomes.

Guides research innovations to commercialisation and market entry.

Serves as a liaison for EU entities, managing relationships and project involvement.

Elevate Your Project Today

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EU Funding and Project Preparation

01 Proposal Preparation Phase (PP)
Administrative Coordination

Streamline your proposal submission with our administrative support, ensuring compliance and maximising your chances of success.

Proposal Coordination & Writing

Leverage our expertise in writing over half of your proposal, increasing the likelihood of your project’s approval.

Consortium Building

Expand your network with our help in forming robust partnerships and enhancing the strength of your proposal.

Agreement for Participation

Customise your proposal involvement with flexible terms tailored to your needs.

PM Consultation

Get expert advice tailored to your project's requirements, enhancing its management and execution.

Dedicated PM

Benefit from our complete project management service, ensuring your project's objectives are met efficiently.

PM Coaching

Enhance your team's skills with our 1-1 or group PM coaching, optimising your project's performance.

Dissemination & Communication

Elevate your project's profile with our targeted dissemination and communication strategies.

Exploitation Plan

Develop comprehensive exploitation plans for your project, maximising its impact and reach.

Training Development & Delivery

Customised training solutions to boost your team's capabilities and project outcomes.

Enhance Your Project Today Enhance Your Project Today Enhance Your Project Today Enhance Your Project Today
Enhance Your Project Today Enhance Your Project Today Enhance Your Project Today Enhance Your Project Today

Explore Our Solutions and enhance your project's success

Connect with our experts today and discover how our comprehensive services can benefit your EU-funded project.

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