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iED Impact

From Vision to Reality

Our Tangible Impact

Beyond metrics, our true impact lies in creating meaningful, tangible outcomes. Involved in diverse European projects, we have been pivotal in spurring innovation, economic growth, and societal well-being across Europe.

Our strategic partnerships and focused initiatives have turned visionary ideas into practical achievements, benefiting communities, industries, and academia.

Our actions are a testament to our steadfast commitment to progress, leaving a lasting mark on every life and sector we influence.

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Tools and Resources for Real-World Impact

Discover our innovative tools and resources, designed to create value in various fields.

Triple E-dge
Target Group: Students | Employees | Everyone

These four interactive and enjoyable applications are designed to enhance entrepreneurial soft skills, focusing specifically on fostering flexibility, communication, problem-solving, and leadership abilities. These skills are recognised as essential for holistic personal and professional development.

Target Group: Start-upper | Entrepreneur | Everyone

This course is designed to boost entrepreneurship and job creation within the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) of the Southern Neighborhood of the European Union. Covering critical aspects from ideation to concept design to pitching, the course equips learners with essential knowledge for establishing an entrepreneurial venture in the creative sector. Enrollment is necessary for access to this free and comprehensive learning opportunity.

Target Group: Start-upper | Entrepreneur | Everyone

The Entrepreneurship4All platform provides a range of interactive, engaging, and self-paced courses across four key pillars: Entrepreneurial Competences (EntreComp), Financial Literacy, Sustainability Competences, and Digital Competences (DigComp). Each pillar offers courses at three proficiency levels—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—allowing learners to choose a starting point aligned with their current knowledge. Additionally, classes are available in short and extended durations, allowing users to select the timeframe that best suits their needs. Enrollment is required for access to the courses.

Target Group: Everyone

This collection comprises interviews delving into the strategies of successful entrepreneurs across six European ecosystems: Greece, Ireland, France, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. Additionally, it features a comparative analysis of these narratives within the entrepreneurial ecosystems. This exploration facilitates comprehension of the entrepreneurial journey, emphasising the intricate interplay between education, personal experiences, and external support in shaping successful entrepreneurs and fostering vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Target Group: Everyone

This program utilises principles of the circular economy and financial literacy to assist learners in acquiring essential entrepreneurial skills for initiating or reshaping their businesses. The training materials encompass a range of topics, including circular economy concepts, sustainable finance, 21st-century skills tailored for astute entrepreneurs, exploration of new business models, and analysis of case studies and successful strategies. This comprehensive approach empowers learners to enhance their ability to confidently lead a business, strengthen managerial and entrepreneurial skills, and cultivate the capacity to generate innovative ideas and solutions to improve or innovate businesses. There is also a course for trainers. Enrollment is required for access to either courses.

Target Group: Teachers, | Educators

This application is designed for teachers and educators seeking to involve their students in learning further. It features a digital and interactive motivational system that encourages students to actively participate in learning, fostering self-development, critical thinking, and creative expression. Integrating gamification elements, the system inspires heightened engagement from students. Additionally, the application enables students to track their progress, rewarding their achievements while providing teachers with tools to monitor student advancement across various areas. Enrollment is required for access to the courses.

Green Factor
Target Group: Υouth | Entrepreneurs | Everyone

This practical guide offers a compilation of actionable behavioural changes to empower individuals to evolve into conscientious citizens and well-informed green entrepreneurs. It incorporates the Good Practice Catalogue, derived from a collection of exemplary practices observed in the partner countries, outlining greener behaviours. Additionally, the guide features the Green Challenge Report, delving into the primary environmental challenges young, aspiring green entrepreneurs encounter.

Target Group: HR Managers | Employees | Everyone

This course is designed to facilitate the transformation of HR managers into Work Well-being Managers, offering essential tools and knowledge. Through enrollment, participants can actively engage in self-exploration and acquire a comprehensive understanding of diverse human resources management approaches, specifically focusing on ensuring a holistic approach to workplace well-being. The curriculum covers key topics such as diversity management, relevant legislation, and practical use cases, providing learners with valuable insights and actionable measures for application. Enrollment is required for access to the courses.

Target Group: SMEs | Everyone

This course offers meticulously crafted training material to assist SMEs in effectively implementing and executing an ESG strategy, enabling them to measure results and align with planned approaches for environmental sustainability. In addition to the training, a self-assessment tool provides valuable insights into potential gaps and areas requiring attention. No enrollment is necessary for access.

Target Group: Vulnerable Groups | Public Authorities | Everyone

This matching tool facilitates the seamless integration of RAV (Refugee, Asylum seeker, and Vulnerable migrant) women into their local communities by pairing them with mentors. Additionally, the program offers specialised courses for mentors and mentees to enhance their skills and knowledge, fostering a supportive environment for growth and development.

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