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Horizon Europe

What is Horizon Europe?

Horizon Europe leads the way forward! The EU’s key research and innovation seven-year programme with a budget of €95.5 billion, is part of the EU-long-term Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) that aims to:

  • Fuel EU’s scientific and technological excellence and the strengthen the European Research Area (ERA).
  • Tackle policy priorities, including green and digital transitions and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).
  • Boost Europe’s innovation uptake competitiveness and jobs.

Until last year, Horizon Europe was widely known as Horizon 2020. After the European Parliament's and the EU Council's agreement in order to remove barriers from innovation and establish fairer framework conditions with international partners, it became Horizon Europe 2021-2027.

The funding programme facilitates collaboration and strengthens the impact of research and innovation in developing, supporting, and implementing EU policies while tackling global challenges.It boosts creating and better dispersing of excellent knowledge and technologies.

New elements in Horizon Europe


European Innovation Council

Support for innovations with potential breakthrough and disruptive nature with scale-up potential that may be too risky for private investors. This is 70% of the budget earmarked for SMEs.



Sets of measures to achieve bold, inspirational, and measurable goals within a set timeframe. There are 5 main mission areas as part of Horizon Europe.


Open Science Policy

Mandatory open access to publications and open science principles are applied throughout the programme Factsheet: Open science in Horizon Europe.


New Approach to Partnerships

Objective-driven and more ambitious partnerships with industry in support of EU policy objectives.

Horizon Europe Pillars

The Horizon Europe programme structure is divided into three Pillars. Each Horizon Europe Pillar defines the different types of missions, topics and projects that will be funded.

Pillar I: Excellent Science focuses on encouraging and funding frontier research. (European Research Council - ERC, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - MSCA, Research Infrastructures)

Pillar II: Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness develop a shared vision and support the uptake of innovative solutions in industry and society. (6 Clusters, Joint Research Centre)

Pillar III: Innovative Europe aims at funding research to produce European innovations. (European Innovation Council, European Innovation Ecosystems, European Institute of Innovation and Technology)

The three Horizon Europe Pillars are complemented by the addition of another horizontal Pillar, entitled “Widening Participation and Strengthening the European Research Area”. It is comprised of two components (Sharing Excellence, Reforming the R&I Systems) that will assist all EU Member States to increase their national research and innovation potential, promote cross-cutting issues, foster collaborations and spread excellence.

Horizon Europe Pillars

iED focuses on Horizon Europe Pillar II clusters that aim to face common global challenges and increase the industrial competitiveness across Europe.

The Pillar II will receive funding from European Partnerships and more than €53 billion to support cross-European collaborative projects that involve both industry and academia. Its research and innovation activities will be organized in six clusters which contribute towards several SDGs and will incentivize interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral, cross-policy, cross-border, and international cooperation.

Pillar II - Clusters


boosting key technologies and solutions underpinning EU policies & Sustainable Development Goals (6 Clusters and JRC - non-nuclear direct actions)

Culture, Creativity & Inclusive Societies
Civil Security for Society
Digital, Industry & Space
Climate, Energy & Mobility
Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture & Enviroment
€53.5 billion

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Where iED Focuses on

Counting more than 16 years of planning, writing, and implementing a wide spectrum of European projects, iED is a strong ally for your winning consortium in Horizon Europe 2021-2027.

We take a strategic position in Horizon Europe funding by shaping strong partnerships in and across the following topics:

  • Innovation Support
  • Health
  • Digital Education
  • Inclusive Society
  • Digital Transformation
  • Bioeconomy
  • Cultural & Creativity
  • Tourism

Our Expertise

iED’s professionals are highly skilled and experienced, coming from a wide range of disciplines and academic sectors. They combine their competencies and expertise to develop cutting-edge research proposals for Horizon Europe calls.

Consortium Building

iED has a wide network of more than 4.200 partners and collaborating organizations form EU and beyond, including SMEs, start-ups, organizations, industries, universities, research centers, VET institutes, DIHs etc. Our network can help you build a well-balanced consortium formation with high-quality of complementary expertise and proved experienced in your project proposal.


Communication & Dissemination

iED has a significant digital outreach and a strong online social community. iED’s dissemination and communication managers and digital marketing specialists have multi-year experience in web analytics, social media marketing, conversion optimization, SEO, SEM, content marketing, email marketing, visual and graphic design. We can design the responsive, user-friendly project website, the prints, the offline and online communication and promotional material, and videos. We also develop dissemination and outreach plan, provide publication guidelines, coordinate and arrange project-specific and international events (exhibitions, demo days, cluster events, guided visits) and recommend several dissemination instruments such as media releases, policy briefs, roadmaps, online repositories.



We support the development of an effective long-term project-specific Exploitation Plan & Roadmap, Data Management Plan (DMP) and in line with the project’s open access strategy, provide guidance to the Innovation or IP Manager, foster the integration of potential end-users by organizing meetings, demonstrations, and innovation workshops. We evaluate the advantages of your innovation performing market analysis, we develop a stakeholders engagement plan and provide access to demonstration facilities to test before investing in innovative solutions, products and services.


Business Models & Go-to-Market Strategy

iED is a business support and scale-up expert, operating at both National and European levels. It provides consulting, information, and support services for the development of innovative concepts and business plans. We help you identify exploitable outcomes, develop suitable business models, and plan the path-to-market, performing PESTEL and SWOT analyses as well as market assessment reports.


Training & E-learning

iED’s experienced trainers diagnose and fulfill the educational needs of individuals and groups by developing an array of training curricula and customized courses, instructional programs, educational platforms, e-learning applications, and material, design, and development of gamified courses, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, improvement, and certification of professional skills.


Technical Partner

iED’s in-house IT team of hardware and software developers and Information Systems specialists has vast experience in the design and development of project websites, e-learning platforms, visualized project information, gamified platforms, serious games, the development of MOOCs as well as VR Training and VR Game development on Unity 3D, programming and testing, system administration, technical coordination, guidance, and support.


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