What is iED?

Established in 2005,​ Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is a leading Center of Excellence in European Entrepreneurship and a fast-growing Digital Innovation Hub.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) is a Greek non-profit organisation committed to the promotion of innovation and the enhancement of the entrepreneurial spirit.

As a state-of-the-art international organization, a certified Center of Excellence and a DIH, iED produces and transfers know-how, boosts entrepreneurial cognitive processes, and supports every entrepreneurial venture across Europe.

Over the years of our activity, we have implemented more than 200 National and European projects under numerous Financial Frameworks and established a wide network of partners and collaborating organizations from Europe and beyond.

Using our network and our expertise in diverse EU-funded research and innovation projects focused on entrepreneurship, we have created an all-inclusive Knowledge Hub that covers the needs of the pan-European entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our Mission

By recognizing entrepreneurship as a crucial factor for sustainable development, growth and a brighter future, here at iED we focus on change for the better through entrepreneurial and innovative actions, and strategic visioning.


  • Give prominence to innovation
  • Enhance the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Foster a more entrepreneurial culture
  • Diagnose & fulfill entrepreneurial education & training needs
  • Enhance the effectiveness & viability of all types of small & mid-sized enterprises
  • Promote digital mentality as a success key to digital transformation.
  • Encourage diversity & social integration

Our Process

We invest in entrepreneurship daily. We bridge the gap between research and the market in order to provide realistic and smart solutions that facilitate businesses' growth and promote employability. Our work answers the innovation challenges that emerge today and shapes the future of the labor market and the entire economy.

Our Services

Since our establishment in 2005, we have implemented EU projects, under multiple EU Financial Frameworks. Through the years, our team of expert Project Proposal Writers and Project Managers has gathered the experience to write and implement any EU Project either as project partners or project leaders. This is what makes the iED the best partner to add to your EU project consortium.

iED offers guidance, training, and consulting in entrepreneurship and innovation management. We assist you in finding the right European programmes, funding opportunities, and project partners that match your profile, needs, and expertise.

Our Services
Our Services

Our team of experts provides high-quality services in writing winning project proposals and developing EU projects and helps you secure access to important research and innovation funding to create impact. We take things a step further with our intelligent platform, EUcalls, aiming to make your introduction and journey to EU funding easier.

Moreover, through iED Academy we bring current knowledge, from EU project management all the way to running a business in Europe effectively, to those that need it.

Our Innovation Office

Our Innovation Office supports actions and records innovation trends in science and entrepreneurial practice. Acting as a liaison between companies, research centers, universities, and other important stakeholders at national, European, and international level, it promotes entrepreneurship, forward-thinking, and education.

Our Innovation Office

Our Strategic Plans

Our strategic plan is our path to accomplish our mission of cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit in all forms. Our priorities are set to maximize our impact and drive meaningful change.

Our Strategic Plans

Boosting Excellence in Everything Entrepreneurial

As the Center of Excellence in European Entrepreneurship, we build strong partnerships in order to strengthen Europe's business ecosystem and its capacity to innovate. We impose the proper conditions for the development of projects that enhance the entrepreneurial knowledge and skills of all citizens.

Establishing the Entrepreneurship Lab

Highlighting that innovation and entrepreneurship are interrelated concepts, we promote entrepreneurship research in and for Europe. iED's team monitors scientific and technological developments related to entrepreneurship, analyzes and shares research useful results and data.

Leveraging Knowledge in European Entrepreneurship

iED supports entrepreneurial education, business skills training and stimulates entrepreneurial awareness. Our professionals issue publications on matters concerning entrepreneurship, organize events, and generate ideas to be deployed by startups or SMEs.

Developing Business Innovation Services & Products

We design, develop and promote methodologies, tools and services connected with our goals based on the highly specialized experience we have gained through all these years. We also identify and create profitable innovative business models for startups, SMEs and companies in all industries, to increase their efficiency and sustainable impact.

Finding Funding Sources to Secure Long-term Stability

We plan and submit innovative research projects for funding together with reliable partners that have the same vision as our Institute. iED is also constantly optimizing its resources to fulfill strategic financial goals, accelerate its work and be able to offer more.

Creating an Inclusive & Attractive Working Environment

In our offices, new talents and creative minds are always welcome! We are committed to always improving the quality of our workplace, we enhance efficiency, productivity, and collaboration between iED team members. We also integrate cybersecurity, follow the most recent data protection practices and develop policies in order to reduce vulnerabilities and exploits and make our people feel safe.

Our Awards

Human Resource Development Centre

Human Resource Development Centre Quality Award

Gamified Platform & Open Online Course in Social Entrepreneurship (Open Mind Project)

Gamified Platform & Open Online Course in Social Entrepreneurship (Open Mind Project) Winner Entity in the Inclusive Entrepreneurship Category

Agência Nacional Erasmus+ Educação e Formação

Agência Nacional Erasmus+ Educação e Formação Best Practice Award 2020 for European Project "FEMME: Fostering the Exchange of practices to Empower Mumpreneurship in Europe"

Small Business Awards

Small Business Awards Most Innovative EU Project Management Specialists 2020

European Network of Innovation for Inclusion

European Network of Innovation for Inclusion Winner Entity

CorporativeLiveWire INNOVATION & EXCELLENCE Awards 2021

CorporativeLiveWire INNOVATION & EXCELLENCE Awards 2021 EU Project Management Specialists of the Year

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