What is the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development?

Get to know the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development. Learn about our mission, everything we do here and our vision for the future.

Who we are

Who We Are

Established in 2005, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED) is a fast-growing Center of Excellence in European Entrepreneurship. As a state-of-the-art international organization, iED promotes change for the better, through entrepreneurial and innovative actions and supports every entrepreneurial venture across Europe.

With the use of our EU partner network and our experience in diverse EU funded research programmes focused on entrepreneurship, we have created a Knowledge Hub tailor-made to cover the need of the entrepreneurial world, in the European area.

Who we are
Our Mission

Our Mission

Here in IED, we recognize the importance of Entrepreneurship and its crucial role as a stakeholder for the development and cohesion of societies. Our mission is a simple yet important one. We:

  • Promote Innovation
  • Enhance the Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Promote Entrepreneurial Culture
  • Enhance the Effectiveness and Viability of Enterprises
  • Bridge the gap between research and business market

How we do things

We bridge research with innovation to provide custom-made, realistic solutions that facilitate businesses and promote employability. We invest in entrepreneurship daily. Our work answers to the challenges that emerge in the labor market, and shape the future of the economy.


We offer guidance, training, and coaching and through IED Academy we bring the knowledge to those that need it. From EU project management and project proposal writing all the way to running a business effectively, Academy is the perfect tool to help us achieve our goal of connecting research with innovation in business.

We take things a step further with our platform EUcalls. We work to make your introduction and journey to EU projects easy.

Our Innovation Office

The Innovation Office aims to support innovation actions, record trends in science, and entrepreneurship practice. The key pillar of the Office is the liaison with companies, research centers, universities, and other agencies at national, European, and international levels to promote entrepreneurship, education, and innovation.

Let's discuss how iED can help you with your business and how you can add to the iED's vision for the future!