Digital Transformation – Actions and best practices

The Challenge

The overall financial value of Digital Transformation in businesses and society is estimated to be $100 trillion by 2025, globally. The majority of enterprises and public sector bodies around the world are riding the high-way lane entering the Digital Transformation era. There's no doubt that it seems to be a one-way route, in terms of expanding forward their businesses, goals and accomplishments. Despite that, Greece ranks 27th out of the 28 EU Member States in Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI1) for 2018 and has made slightly slower progress than the EU average over the previous year.

iED towards the enhancement of the digital skills

We try to educate people and companies in the digital mentality, technology platforms and tools, providing them with the skills for the future. We connect corporations, startups and young talent in an ecosystem of entrepreneurship with the main pillar the digital feature.

iED and its digital mentoring programme

Digital Transformation is not just another buzzword. It’s a process that makes companies agile and ready to address future challenges, more customer-centric and more effective. Operational agility comes as the result of a shift in organizational culture. Through the years, iED developed a specific methodology that leads to this shift through a mentoring programme.


iED and its contribution to EU innovation

Digital Transformation is a journey rather than a one-time project. Depending on the culture and the business model of each organization, different paths can be used to enable the organization’s transformation and in the next step to innovation. iED is currently participating in 2 Horizon 2020 projects that focus on promoting innovation in the European area.

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