Innovation - Actions for boosting the European Innovation

The Challenge

The 2018 edition of the European Innovation Scoreboard, highlights that the EU's innovation performance continues to improve. Despite the fact that further improvement is expected in the near future, the progress remains uneven within the EU. The differences are more visible between southern and northern EU countries.

iED boosts the entrepreneurship through innovation

Through our involvement in more than 100 European projects, we have developed certain expertise that allowed us to develop our own research ideas. Ideas that could be connected with EU funding opportunities and lead to innovative projects. One of the many research ideas, currently published at the International Conference for Entrepreneurship Innovation and Regional Development (ICEIRD) is “The Intelligent Entrepreneurial Assistant Simulation (INESS). Written by two members of iED, the proposed software agent will provide the entrepreneur and the potential entrepreneur the required information to form and develop the business, based on a variety of online and offline factors.


iED and its contribution to EU innovation

Taking into consideration the needs of the market and the society, iED orients its activities towards innovation, targeting to countable results and impact. In the years to come, iED’s actions will be dedicated to take research forward and contribute to society’s need for innovative, realistic & user-friendly tools. Our pool of research ideas is constantly updated. Furthermore, iED has, until now, participated in 3 EU projects that focus to promote innovation in the European area. iED is actively promoting the idea of innovation.

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