SMEs - Actions for supporting SMEs

The Challenge

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent 99% of all businesses in the EU. Although European statistics show positive results, in terms of the number of small and medium-sized enterprises and their impact on economic growth, the numbers do not cease to indicate the lack of business skills, soft skills, and digital skills of both staff or managers.

iED develops actions focusing the SMEs

Since its establishment in 2005, the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development has implemented 18 European projects focusing on the growth of SMEs, on a national and European level. We have developed methodologies and processes aiming to boost the business skills of the workforce and the managers. We help SMEs to get familiar the available funding. Below you can see some indicative European projects focusing on SMEs.

iED supports in practice the SMEs

The national project "Structural Adjustment of Employees and Enterprises within the Economic Crisis" aims for SMEs to develop and implement integrated structural adjustment plans responding to the new conditions created by the economic crisis. During the ,project, iED supported 500 enterprises, which employed less than 50 people, to receive consultancy, mentoring, training and financial grants for their prosperous development.





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cooperatives created


Tools supporting

the SMEs development

iED develops services for SMEs

Acquiring new skills and competencies can give SMEs’ owners the opportunity to further develop their business. Also, creating the right roadmap can be crucial for the success of the business. These two facts led us to develop an e-learning platform and a business guidance platform for SMEs.


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