Social Inclusion - What can we do more on this?

The Challenge

Social inclusion is the core of the European Social Model and European values, enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty. Nevertheless, the EU has not made any progress towards achieving its ‘Europe 2020’ social inclusion target, adopted in 2010. The goal was to lift at least 20 million people from poverty and social exclusion by 2020.

iED and vulnerable groups

Social inclusion is at the heart of iED’s commitment, to build a strong, social Europe. The economic recovery and growth, we are slowly starting to witness across Europe, need to reach everybody, including the most disadvantaged of our citizens. Although the EU is far from reaching this goal, in IED we are proud to have taken part in EU projects that promote social inclusion and connect it with entrepreneurship. Vulnerable groups such as refugees, immigrants and people with disabilities are supported through activities that integrate them into society.

iED and gender equality

In 2017 the European Commission launched various initiatives to advance gender equality. The EC adopted the 2017-2019 Action Plan to tackle the gender pay gap, declared 2017 the Year of Focused Actions to End Violence against Women and held the Annual Fundamental Rights Colloquium on the topic 'Women’s Rights in Turbulent Times'. In that direction, IED is an active project partner and develops activities in EU funded programmes.


People of vulnerable groups were supported through activities from EU projects


Women from remote rural areas were supported to create their own business or cooperatives


Training courses targeting the social inclusion of immigrants and gender equality

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