EU Funding Programmes

We develop project proposals for several EU funding opportunities.

Our Focus

In 2005, we began by developing projects in the “Youth in Action” and “Leonardo Da Vinci” frameworks and since then, we have been planning, submitting and implementing a lot of projects in the following EU programmes:

  • COSME - Europe’s programme for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • INTERREG - Supports cooperation across borders through project funding.
  • LIFE - Promotes actions for the environment and climate in the European area.
  • AMIF - Promotes the development of a common EU approach to asylum & immigration.
  • REC - Contributes to the further development of equality and the rights of persons.
  • ENI CBC MED - Strengthens the cooperation in the Mediterranean area.

Our Pillars of Expertise

Enhancing Entrepreneurship

Enhancing Entrepreneurship

The iED, as a Centre of Excellence in Entrepreneurship, develops project proposals in several EU funding programmes that promote the innovation and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit.

Proposal Writing

Proposal Writing

iED’s proposal writing team is always seeking the recent calls for proposals for several EU funding opportunities. Knowing the different application conditions and deadlines that apply for each programme, the team delivers successful EU project proposals.

Project Management

Project Management

iED’s project managers, coming from a wide range of disciplines, equipped with skills and experience, combine their competencies and expertise to manage any project, regardless of the project’s focus.

“Why consider iED as your project partner”

iED has successfully developed and implemented projects at 25 different EU Funding Programmes.

  • Over the past 15 years, we have submitted and implemented over 20 projects in different EU programmes other than Erasmus+ & Horizon 2020.
  • Our highly skilled proposal writing team is able to develop and contribute to any kind of proposal idea under the frame of any EU funding programme.
  • As a Center of Excellence in Entrepreneurship, we can connect the research idea with the market.

Our expertise

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