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Guest Blogging Guidelines

Here in the iED we are working on building our own CONTRIBUTORS list.

Come and be a part of our community. Write to us today!

Why should I write for the iED?

Here are the reasons why you should be a guest blogger for the iED:

  1. You will join others in the field of guest blogging
  2. Your content will reach a new audience
  3. You will be part of a growing community
  4. You will promote your personal brand through our platform
  5. Your work will be featured to the website of a strong research center for the EU
  6. Your posts will be promoted on all of our social media and reach all of our followers

What should I write about?

Here in the iED we have 6 categories that show our expertise. You should write about those:

  1. Business
  2. Education
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Job-Career Guidance
  5. Social Inclusion & Entrepreneurship
  6. Startups

What are my Editorial Guidelines?


Your content needs to always be relevant to your category and at the same time, useful. Ask yourselves the following questions:

  1. Why would the readers read my work?
  2. How could they benefit from it?

If you have the answer to these questions then you have already done the work to create the perfect content.

Post Length

Your post length must be between 1000-2500 words. There is no perfect amount of words, to show your expertise. But 2500 words must be a good place to start!

Original Content

We want your content to be original and unique. We do not accept duplicate content or repost.


You must make sure that your content is proof-read before you submit it to our website. The post will be reviewed by our copywriters as well and if it needs a lot of editing it will be rejected.


We accept posts with a specific amount of links.

  1. You can use as many authority and contextual links as you want as long as they completely support your post.
  2. You are allowed one link (1) to your personal blog or website either in the body of the website of your bio
  3. The link to your website needs to point to a blog post
  5. We do not accept spam links or links that do not add context to the article

Response Time

Upon approval, posts will be published within 72 hours.



  1. Submit your post on a Word Document with accompanying images
  2. Send it to guestblog@ied.eu
  3. If images do not fit the 850x540 it will be replaced
  4. All articles submitted and posted on the IED website, will automatically belong to the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development.
  5. We will always refer you to reposts and will always link back to you!

Apply to be a Guest Blogger

Due to heavy influx of guest posts, replies could be delayed up to two weeks.

Hold on tight. When we see your message, we will answer you!