Financial Literacy for Women Neets

Financial literacy is globally acknowledged as an important element of economic and financial stability and development. It is claimed that people with higher financial literacy can better manage with their financial issues, participate in the stock market and perform better on their portfolio choice. For this reason, there need for financial education without exclusions arises.

Moreover, more and more often, the issue of financial literacy for women is discussed. Especially when it comes to a group of women that are marginalized, have low-income or are neither in employment nor in education (NEETs). For this reason, in IED we implement the Erasmus+ “FLOW: Financial Literacy for Woman in the NEET system” project.

The members of the partnership will develop the curriculum with appropriate, friendly oriented and easy to use digital learning games for NEET women. These resources on the topic of financial literacy will be developed through 4 core competences:

  • money and transactions,
  • planning and managing finances,
  • risk and reward
  • financial landscape.

The main goals of the project for NEET women are to improve their understanding of financial concepts and products, build financial skills and competences to be more aware of financial landscapes, to strengthen their confidence and self-esteem in their financial skills to equally participate in modern society. Concerning educators, project aims to increase and strengthen self-esteem in carrying out developed curriculum for financial literacy education, to increase digital competence and raise awareness of financial literacy needs.

The partnership is consisted by organizations from Croatia, Greece, Portugal, Italy and Romania. The first meeting of the project was held in Rijeka, Romania and the 2nd one earlier this month in Rome, Italy. Partners discussed about the general subject of the project, its outputs as well as they set the future targets of FLOW project.

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