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The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is a European organization aiming at the promotion of new and innovative ideas for EU Project proposal and tailored-made material that may arise from them. See below what the iED has to present.

Our EU Project Ideas

In our effort to unite our expertise with European programmes, we here at iED have created our own research lab. It is our goal to create new research and innovation ideas based on the needs of the European Union that we can add to any aspiring European Proposal for the EU programmes and big financial frameworks. So, we are proud to present you with innovative ideas that can make your European Projects, truly successful. Be our partner and add our research ideas to your project proposal.

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Our Achievements

During our multiannual work on European projects, we have developed educational materials, research studies and tools, specially designed to support our expertise in entrepreneurship, social inclusion and other major issues of concern to the European Union. See what the iED has done for European Society and what changes it is trying to bring in entrepreneurship and businesses.

Our Achievements

Since the beginning of my career, I have always aimed for excellence. Now after so many years and so many successful stories, I can still see that there is more room for improvement. We will always show our achievements but we will never rest until we bring our new ideas to life.

Anastasios Vasileiadis, iED President