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Green Initiatives & Sustainability


Climate change is an ever-increasing threat with dangerous consequences for every sector of modern life. The increasing world’s population number combined with the intricate living standards is creating poor prospects of improvement.  

Europe is one of the leading continents in recycling plastic packages, although the consumers’ and market’s consumption and usage are not presenting a decline. During the summer of 2020, the European Green Deal Overall was announced as a plan for an EU climate-friendly target accomplished by 2030, aiming at reducing emissions to at least 50% from today’s level.  

Europe is aiming at a uniform transition in each member state and smooth progress for the local industries and employees, by offering alternatives along with the procedure.  

The climate crisis is an effect with various consequences, causing health dangers and economical instability. Global warming already affects the world economy rankings, forcing industries to adopt greener campaigns and practices and people to look for more eco-friendly, green, and sustainable living options.  

Technology is usually seen as a bifold factor; already from the 18th century technology was the succorer that led us to the current Industry 5.0 revolution, offering uncountable new products that clients desire, while at the same time digital innovations are offering sustainable alternatives for a greener production of energy and sufficient resources management. 

The key assets for a greener Europe are the promotion of a more liable consumers’ profile and environmental behavior among citizens and mainly the establishment of control measures aiming at the industry’s compliance.  

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Past Research Results

  • The “Greens: This is a Green´s World” project boosts the employability of disadvantaged youth between 16-30 years based on the green economy, as an inclusive job generator, through the organisation of Local Workshops in Green Businesses.

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  • “CIRCLE: CIRCular economy youth Leaders” project is focusing in enabling young people, educators, youth organizations, policy makers and other stakeholders to understand the principles and benefits of CE to the environment and to the economy.

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Workplace innovation methodology

In iED, we identify green growth and sustainable development sectors as two major factors that affect climate change and shape the labor market and the entire economy. We educate people and companies in green technology and sustainable living, by developing technology platforms and training material to help cultivate the much-needed skills and competencies.  

More specifically we aim to:  

  • Promote the EU Climate Action and the European Green Deal measures to a local and European level. 
  • Introduce citizens to environmental ethics. 
  • Support businesses and start-ups active in the clean technology and circular economy sectors.  
  • Inform relevant local and European stakeholders on climate change. 
  • Accelerate digital eco-innovations created to offer greener alternatives.  
  • Diffuse the outcomes of green initiatives and methods.  

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