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iED Academy is an ecosystem for developing your skills and expanding your knowledge in European Entrepreneurship. It is also an open system welcoming the european creators to spread their ideas and expertise on European entrepreneurship. All the courses are based on the accumulated experience and practice in an effort to unleash innovative multi-disciplinary capabilities to advance entrepreneurship for the business community and beyond. Also, broaden your knowledge with the verified resources and the recurring publications available to you from the Academy platform.

Not teaching but acting

With webinars and open courses, our main focus is to present highly interactive content for participants to get the chance to experience and understand the presented topics first-hand. Unlike other training courses, our participants have the chance to come back with questions after the end of the training course they attended. We also value the face to face interaction and we are continuously organising local seminars and roadshows on specific topics. Enroll today to the platform to get your personalised curriculum.

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Tailor made content

Our training courses focus on specific topics of European Entrepreneurship covering three generic categories: EU Funding, Programme related expertise and Development of soft skills. You and your team or business though may have a very specific need to cover. With the use of new technologies and innovative digital learning methodologies we deliver to you captivating and fully interactive content for example in gamified training environments or in a 3D world. Let us know what you aim to achieve and our educational experts will setup a tailored content training course that will suit your needs and preferences.

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An open ecosystem to all EU creators

Are you specialised in an EU entrepreneurship topic? Is your specialisation and working or research experience in one of the following sectors? Spread today your ideas to the world and let your work be distributed to the european market through the iED academy platform. Introduce us to your course or the concept note of the educational material you wish to create and our educational experts will help you promote it through our platform. We have an open call for courses (webinar, presentations, concept notes) for the following sectors:

Entrepreneurship theory and practice Digital Industry Space Economy Society Entrepreneurship and Economy E- Health and business Agriculture / Food Entrepreneurship Environment and Circular Economy and Business Creativity and Inclusive Societies Climate and Business Transformation Energy, Society and Entrepreneurship Business Transformation SMEs E-learning Soft skills and employment

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Create courses that meet the needs of your team and your business and gain skills that keep you ahead of the game.