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Even if you haven’t participated in an EU project before, iED is making it easier for you to find an EU funding programme that meets your needs. and even helps you with writing the proposal. Thanks to the EUCalls funding platform and our dedicated proposal writing service you can now access important funds for innovation.

Proposal Writing

From proposal writing to shaping the consortium and co-ordinating it for shaping an idea, iED has the experience and a wide network of experts to help you bid for a process successfully.

There are several European opportunities that allow SMEs, Startups, Universities and researchers to fund innovative ideas or ground-breaking research. If you have identified the grant of your interest we can help you bring your idea to life through the proposal and take care of the whole submission process as well as write specific parts of the proposal.

What we offer

Once opportunities and programmes have been identified, iED helps you in the set-up of proposals, considering requirements of the funding schemes. You stay focused on your research idea while we take care of the proposal setup process. We assist in every step of the procedure, from negotiations and proposal writing to the final proposal evaluation and submission.

Let our experts take care of your proposal while you stay focused on your core business.

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