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The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is a research organization established in 2005, focused on the promotion of entrepreneurship for everyone. The organization's main activity is the implementation of projects under some of Europe's most influential and groundbreaking Programmes like the HORIZON 2020 and the ERASMUS+ programmes.

In 2018, our marketing department here at IED was established. We are working hard to promote European projects, in every way. We have a strong team of writers that can develop any kind of content related to European Projects.

Our marketing team can also develop content on multiple subjects, such as entrepreneurship, business, startups, research and innovation and many more.

Do you need content like ours?

To promote our work, we are ready to "Write for You". If you have your own blog and you need the right content but have no copywriter, we are the solution you are looking for.

Our copywriting team is here, ready to start a collaboration with you, by helping you and your website. We can create innovative content for you, matching your needs and your preferences.

Topics that we cover:

  1. European Programmes
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Business
  4. Education
  5. Job-Career Guidance
  6. Social Inclusion
  7. Startups

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Marketing Department: marketing@ied.eu

Head Copywriter: Katerina Pouspourika - kpouspourika@ied.eu