StartUp Academy

Developing International Startup Acceleration and Supporting Environment for Young Innovators

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The main aim of the StartUp Academy project is to develop, test and implement a supporting environment for unemployed young persons with entrepreneurial ideas with special focus on those living in remote regions with limited access to education and training and resources. We intend to develop and implement an innovation acceleration programme with the aim of encouraging potential future entrepreneurs to put their business ideas into practice while equipping them with all necessary skills and competences. One key component of this innovation supporting environment to be established by the project will be the StartUp Academy training which will consist of two main phases: phase one openly accessible for anyone at anytime and from anywhere since it will be implemented as a MOOC, and training materials will be available even beyond the project’s lifetime. Phase two will take place as an on-site training and competition event, however virtual participation at the event will be also ensured.

The project also intends to create an international network of business experts, young entrepreneurs, investors and other relevant stakeholders through establishing the Online Collaboration Platform via Moodle where registered users, besides completing modules implemented under the StartUp Academy training courses, will be able to interact, exchange ideas or identify new business opportunities.

  • Full title: StartUp-Academy - Developing International Innovation Acceleration and Supporting Environment for potential young Startuppers
  • Start: 2016/12/01
  • Finish: 2018/11/30
  • Programme: ERASMUS+
  • Sub-Programme: Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships
  • Website: N/A


IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Kft., Hungary

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Greece


Lokalna razvojna agencija Pins, Croatia


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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StartUp Academy