Writing a winning Erasmus+ KA2 proposal – Hints and tips

Erasmus+ is a program that provides a great opportunity for the graduates from all over the world to leverage their professional knowledge and skills and to become more competitive in the labour market. The program provides a unitary approach to students admission. The main attention is paid to the candidate’s education, experience, the knowledge of foreign languages and the motivation.

Let’s discuss some tips and tricks on how to create a successful Erasmus+ proposal.

  1. Make it stand out from the pile of other proposals. You have to highlight your advantages and describe them in the best way.
  2. Make it structural. If you describe your education or work experience, put the event in the chronological order. Don’t go back and forth. The structure of the line of thought reflects your structured personality which is already a big advantage.
  3. Don’t give many unimportant details about your studies and work. Choose only the facts which will prove that you are the best candidate for the given program.
  4. When you write about education, don’t forget to mention your achievements. List all your certificates and prizes which are connected with your profession and with the program you apply for.
  5. When describing your work experience, highlight your progress and achievements. Describe all the successfully accomplished projects in details.
  6. Be excellent in foreign languages. The majority of programs require the certificate in TOEFL, IELTS, DALF, etc. if you want to be accepted to the program, you have to obtain the highest scores in those certificates. If you have several of them, don’t forget to mention all of them as it will prove your great language skills and a high level of intelligence.
  7. Be frank. Don’t invent the skills or experience which you don’t have. 
    Nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest
    . If the committee finds out that you lie in the proposal, it will not be even considered.
  8. Prove that you are highly motivated to participate in the program. This section of the proposal is very important as it shows how much you desire to participate in the program. Be persuasive, bring the proof of your words, show how this program will help you in the future and how you may apply the knowledge and skills acquired.
  9. Formal style. Don’t use the slang of colloquial language when writing your proposal.
  10. Grammar and spelling excellence. Check your proposal before sending, it should not contain any grammar or spelling mistakes, otherwise, it will be a disadvantage for you.

Those are the main points which should be considered when creating a proposal for Erasmus+. I hope they were useful to you and they will help you to be accepted to participate in the program.

Katerina Pouspourika
SEO Expert / Copywriter

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