All you need to Know About the 2019 Erasmus+ October Deadline

With a budget of 14.7 billion euros, Erasmus+ is Europe’s prominent programme to support education, training, youth, and sports. Erasmus+ is set to last until the year 2020. The programme provides students as well as a wide variety of individuals and organizations with opportunities towards evolution and innovation.

Opportunities for Organizations

There are a lot of development and networking activities in which organizations can participate in if they want to take part in Erasmus+.  Some of those actions include strategic improvement of professional skills, organizational capacity building and creating transnational co-operative partnerships.

Those partnerships can be established with organizations from other countries aiming at producing innovative outputs and exchanging best practices.

There are a lot of benefits in including your organization in Erasmus+ plus projects. There is an increase in the capacity of operating on an international level, an improvement of managements methods and access to more funding opportunities and projects to help you build a competitive portfolio.

Open Erasmus+ Calls- Deadline 1/10/2019

It is necessary to know all the important calls and their deadlines to successfully submit a proposal. Here are a few details on the October 2019 deadlines:

  1. Erasmus+ Key Action 2: Co-operation for innovation and the exchange of good practices / Activity: Strategic Partnerships / Sector: Youth


For this call, the consortium must consist of at least three partners from different countries. Projects can last from 9 months all the way up to 2 years.

Capacity-building projects in the field of youth aim to:

  • foster cooperation and exchanges between Programme and Partner Countries
  • improve the quality and recognition of youth-work, non-formal learning, and volunteering in Partner Countries and enhance synergies with education systems and the labor market
  • foster new non-formal learning mobility schemes and programmes, and
  • promote transnational non-formal learning mobility between Programme and Partner Countries, with a focus on the underprivileged.


  1. Erasmus+ Key Action 3: Support for policy reform / Activity: Structured Dialogue /Sector: Youth


For this call, the consortium must consist of at least two partners from two different countries. Organizations intending to apply for national meetings must involve one organization from a Programme Country.

Structured Dialogue aims to promote the active participation of young people in democratic life and foster debate around the major issues affecting youth.

Specifically, these activities aim to bring young people and decision-makers into discussion to help develop policies in the sector, notably the EU Youth Strategy.

For more information, you can visit the official EU website.

Erasmus+ is an important European framework. If you want your organization to gain recognision, if you want to start building your own network and build your expertise, Erasmus+ is a great programme to be a part of.

You should start by finding the right partners. You need partners with a lot of experience in the programme. IED is one of those partners. Our experience in the implementation of EU projects under the Eramus+ programme include:

  • 21 projects enhancing the spirit of business and entrepreneurship
  • 20 projects developing training curricula which involve the entrepreneurial mindset
  • 18 projects focusing on the enhancement of the startup ecosystem
  • 28 projects of social inclusion and entrepreneurship
  • 8 projects dedicated to job-career guidance

If you want more information about our work, feel free to visit our Erasmus+ dedicated page and contact us today, to build a collaboration with us. iED has already started the programming of the project proposals to be submitted under the KA2 Youth call.  Should you develop your own proposals and need a reliable partner with experience, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Mike Lagos
Head of Planning & Development Unit

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