Developing startup opportunities in the European area

Businesses are evolving on a daily basis. Entrepreneurship is now the new ‘’best thing’’ for every aspiring businessman out there. Modern businesses are slowly but steadily changing the European marketplace as we know it and they are clearly becoming a key factor in battling against unemployment all around Europe.

The Digital Single Market will empower the Next Generation Internet’s users by giving everyone access to the same digital learning opportunities. That means that everyone, including vulnerable or disabled groups, will have equal opportunities to take their aspiring business plan and bring it to life. The European Union is already taking innovative actions in order to promote the Digital Single Market and well as the Next Generation Internet in order to speed up this change.

But those actions do not stop there. Increasing the number of initiatives regarding startups is not just about making it easy for one to acquire the knowledge needed. It is about giving people the chance to create a company that will have many different opportunities to evolve and develops into a much bigger and much more profitable enterprise within the European area.

Due to the fact that startups and SMEs are considered to be the backbone of the European Economy, the big financial framework like for example the Horizon 2020, are focusing mainly on implementing actions in order to promote startups and to help entrepreneurs take initiatives and develop their companies. In particular, through these actions, the European Union aims at:

  • The Generation of new initiatives at the local level
  • The Creation of new start-ups and applications notably through awareness raising activities and initiatives to facilitate technology transfer;
  • The Growth of the number of start-ups in Europe;
  • The Growth of scale-ups in Europe;
  • The Increase the commercialization of scalable and cost-efficient solutions

Europe is giving startup owners and aspiring businessmen and businesswomen a great opportunity. To develop their ideas, make businesses out of them and become an active part of the European marketplace. With the right guidance and knowledge, every business idea can become a business plan. And every business plan can bring profit by following the right motive!

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Thodoris Alexandrou
Financial Officer

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