Do you have an innovative idea? We have the plan to get EU funding

Ideas can become actions that can shift the world. We have seen it happening throughout history and we will continue to do so in the future. People with smart innovative ideas need to be allowed to act on them. And if you have an innovative idea that could change the world market or the scientific sector then you need to bring that idea to life.

Bringing your ideal to life through EU funding

Through European funding, you have the opportunity to see your idea turn into reality. All you need to do is explore all the latest EU funding opportunities in your field, find the best partners and shape strong partnerships to secure your position as part of the biggest European programmes for research and innovation.

If you are now discovering the world of EU programmes then creating the best proposals for submission might be a bit tricky. There is a lot of expertise needed in this case, seeing as the details can make or break a proposal. However, not having done this before is no reason for you to get discouraged. You always have the time to train and improve your results.

Find the experts that can help you

In the very beginning of your “journey”, you will want to consider the possibility of working with experts that can on take the most complicated parts, such as writing the proposal and helping you shape the consortium. In this case, still, finding the best professionals to work with might be more difficult than what you might think.

You will need to find someone with experience and expertise in multiple European programmes. Someone with a long portfolio of successful partnerships and projects. Someone with a vast network of potential partners who knows how the “game” is played. Someone like IED.

IED help you get EU funding

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is the organization you are looking for. If you have an innovative idea we have the plan to get you the EU funding you are looking for. Starting from proposal writing all the way to help you shape your consortium and co-ordinate it we have the experience needed as well as a wide network of experts that will work to make your proposal a success.

If you own a Startup or an SME, if you are working at a University doing ground-breaking research and you wish to fund it, there are European opportunities for you. All you need to do is identify the grant you are interested in . After that, we can help you bring your idea to life through the proposal and take care of the whole submission process as well as write specific parts of the proposal.

What we offer

Once opportunities and programmes have been identified, iED helps you in the set-up of proposals, considering requirements of the funding schemes. You stay focused on your research idea while we take care of the proposal setup process. We assist in every step of the procedure, from negotiations and proposal writing to the final proposal evaluation and submission.

Let our experts take care of your proposal while you stay focused on your core business. You can contact our offices today and ask for more information about our services. Talk to one of our experts and set up a meeting to start working on your plan.

European programmes are a great way to get funding and do your research or implement the projects that might change the labour market. Grasp that opportunity today!

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Thodoris Alexandrou
Chief Operating Officer

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