Erasmus+ KA3: European Youth Together 2020

The Erasmus+ programme is a massive financial framework aiming at the development of innovative ideas, that will have a major positive impact on society. All projects submitted under the Erasmus+ umbrella vary in numbers every year.

KA3: European Youth Together 2020

KA3: European Youth Together 2020 is certainly the kind of call that can have a great impact on societies. The projects submitted under the call have very specific goals. They will need to create networks that will promote regional partnerships, cooperating closely with young people from across Europe.

The aim of the networks will be to promote training for youth, organize exchanges, and of course help young people develop their ideas and set up joint projects. This is a great idea, especially considering how difficult it is to set up a business on your own nowadays.

Due to the pandemic crisis, this call will aim to achieve all the goals mentioned above through both physical as well as online activities.

Target groups of the call include:

  1. NGOs
  2. Informal groups of young people
  3. Public bodies

A rising need

In light of recent events, we notice that there is a growing need to mitigate the pandemic’s socio-economic impact, to deal with the crisis recovery, expecially in the youth sector.  This need gives youth networks the ability to consider ways of promoting solidarity and inclusiveness that also help face challenges that are related to digital skills and green lifestyles.

Important details for KA3

The European Union has a budget of EUR 5,000,000 earmarked for co-financing the projects under the KA3: European Youth Together 2020 calls.

The total contribution of the EU will be a minimum of 100.000 euros and it will not exceed the 500.000 euros limit. That means that it is limited to a maximum of 80% of the co-financing rate of the total eligible project costs.

Deadline for submissions: 28/07/2020 at 17:00 Brussels Time

IED is your trustworthy partner

IED has long pursued calls that help us change the lives of young people. Our expertise, which is entrepreneurship, is the key to promote ideas, help young people innovate and make a difference in the labor market. We are always looking for ways to help shape the future for the generations to come.

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