Fourth call for Interreg proposals

As a program, Interreg Europe is able to assist in the development and the delivery of better policies for local as well as regional governments. Every governmental innovation, every little investment, every implementation needs to lead to a completely unified and continuous, positive impact for the people. Interreg Europe can create the right environment for all of that to thrive by giving chances for equal opportunities and through that share solutions to major problems.

Interreg aims at maximum results. By putting the right solutions to practice the program can help regions all around the world improve in every way. Giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential countries can continue improving and evolving even after the completion of the project.

By sharing their ideas, local authorities all over Europe can gain experience and improve their strategies focusing on their citizens and communities. And Interreg has three different types of beneficiaries that can utilize its services to the maximum. Those beneficiaries are:

  • Public authorities which include regional, national as well as local bodies
  • Managing authorities and intermediate bodies and
  • Agencies, thematic organizations, NGOs and research institutes

All organizations that wish to take part in the Interreg program must also be based in Switzerland, Norway or in one of the 28 EU Member States

Interreg focuses on financially supporting specific actions for maximum societal and other results. Those actions must fall into the following categories:

  1. Environment and Resource Efficiency
  2. SME Competitiveness
  3. Research and Innovation
  4. Low-Carbon Economy

Interreg Europe can help you, your organization and your region more than you might think. The project can give you the opportunity to cooperate and collaborate with other organizations all over Europe. That will maximize your progress, give you a lot of experience and provide you with the best results possible. You just need to find the right partners to work with.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, supported by policymakers and Public Organizations, can provide Policy Instruments related to the Interreg Europe programme. IED is already member of COWORKMED Interreg MED project, which is also co-funded by ERDF and aims to promote Mediterranean innovation capacities. Our thirteen years of experience in implementation and evaluation of more than 150 national and European projects, will prove highly beneficial to any international consortium and project.

Let’s build a partnership under the Interreg Europe Programme!

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