How can you manage your different EU projects the proper way?

What is the biggest problem when it comes to EU Project management? The mass of information that needs to be assorted and categorized over and over again. Not all systems are functional. Sometimes keeping a record of your EU projects is a time-consuming task. Different programmes and sub-programmes, different project status (approved, submitted, finished), partners and other details create a perplexed environment.

All of that need to be asserted. If things change in the process you need to go through this again and again. If your current organization system is not efficient then this might mean that you will need to devote even more time in order to add all the information needed. At the same time, looking for all of that info when you need them again can be a pain.

What you need, what every EU partner organization needs is a system specifically created for the purpose of organizing all the details of every type of EU Projects.  A tool that will make this process so much easier for you. A tool that will provide you to upload and store every single piece of information in the right places and never worry about finding them when you need them. Proper guidance with filters that will make the research process fast and easy and of course constant update that will keep your system up and running at all times.

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is able to offer you exactly what you need. With the development of our professional EU Project Management tool, THEMIDA we are now able to provide you with the best way to store all the information of your EU Projects and create your very own database.

You can store all the data you have from the proposal all the way to the implementation, the outcomes, even your partners. Having all of that information stored somewhere, and easy to access will help you for any future reference, using the results again, even forming new consortiums for future projects.

This is the tool that everyone needs. Take that opportunity today get this tool, save precious time and make your life easier!

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Katerina Pariza
Head of Development Unit

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