R&D Researchers: Generating Innovation Strategies

The initials of R&D researchers stand for research and development. By this term, we refer to professional researchers, that engage in inventing, examining, and applying processes, for a project’s or a company’s benefit. The core, of this type of research, is innovation.

R&D Researchers: The Operation Context

The R&D professionals engage in inventive processes, related to research and management. The aim of research and development lies in producing innovative solutions that correspond to a company’s operating principles. In addition, these solutions can be in the form of a product or service. The R&D activities are linked to the initial phase of development. It is the stage that contains a procedure from ideas conception to thorough plan development. Research and development programs apply to companies of different sectors and industries, in the corporate world; and, to governments as well.

This entire process has as an overall goal to preserve a company’s presence in the business market; and, amplifying its competitiveness. Therefore, the essence of research and development programs is a company’s reinforcement, in terms of products, services, and profit. However, these programs are investments with a long-term effect on the company. Finally, the R&D element of innovation is interpreted in acts of patents creation, copyrights, trademarks; hence, measures of unique idea’s protection and of its origin.

The Research and Development Models

The research and development programs are divided, into the following three categories:

  • The first type is focused on conducting research in a wider context, that is not goal oriented. The team is primarily composed of professional engineers.
  • Furthermore, there is the model that uses applied research in technical, scientific, and industrial sectors; and, it is more business oriented.
  • Finally, there are investments in business incubators and accelerators, to produce innovative entrepreneurial outcomes.

As an agent that fosters entrepreneurship, with long-standing expertise on the subject, iED can acknowledge the significance of R&D researchers, in a market with constantly shifting principles. Our Institute has numerous participations in European projects that support innovation, in terms of research and development. If you would like to share any pertinent ideas, you can contact our team.

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