The Explanatory Frame of Intercultural Communication

The definition of intercultural communication is the process of exchange, between people of different cultural backgrounds. It is about tracing the common cultural grounds, through procedures of interpretation, and transaction. This term requires an understanding of cultural differences, by crossing boundaries formed by beliefs, customs, and other specificities.

The communication frame extends to verbal, nonverbal, and paraverbal expression. Nonverbal is complementary to verbal communication. Furthermore, paraverbal communication supplements the two other expressions. Paraverbal type is about using sound elements, which we use as a medium to convey further information; hence, it is a contributing factor in communication.

Skills Facilitating Intercultural Interaction

Establishing a framework of interaction, between people of different culture, demands certain communication requirements. Here are 6 interpersonal skills that will reinforce the communication process of intercultural interactions:

  • Knowledge of pertinent specificities, regarding the historical, cultural, and other national or community’s extensions.
  • Understanding that these specificities become behavioral aspects.
  • In addition, cultural specificities affect communication processes, in terms of language expression.
  • Knowing the conventions that derive from a particular cultural environment.
  • Acknowledge and demonstrate sensitivity to cultural frames, that diverge from the one we are in.
  • Ability to overlook stereotypes of cultural content.

Benefits of Intercultural Communication

It is a communication that surpasses barriers set by different beliefs and customs; and, it can prove to be advantageous in many ways:

  • It cultivates respect and understanding of cultural specificities, other than our own.
  • Enhancement of self-awareness occurs.
  • Communication skills are amplified.
  • In addition, opportunities emerge for business collaborations, that extend to a greater cultural frame.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) acknowledges the significance of surpassing cultural borders; its extensions; and, how beneficial can be, cultivating a global perspective.

Our Institute is an active participant in many European projects that promote intercultural communication. If you would like to input to our goal, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are keen on new ideas and collaborations.

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