Stimulate the innovation potential of SMEs

What is it about?

Providing an effective mechanism for inclusion of innovative, agile SMEs in a landscape characterised by strong presence of public pan-European e-infrastructures (in particular the European Data Infrastructure – EDI) that make it difficult for small actors to enter the market and exploit new business opportunities.


Proposals are expected to propose an outreach approach for identifying and attracting SMEs whose innovation potential could be increased as users of advanced HPC services, and a mechanism involving financial support to third parties which will adequately stimulate such innovation potential of SMEs participating in the action. The focus of the action should be in the areas addressed by the selected Centres of Excellence in the topic INFRAEDI-02-2018: HPC PPP – Centres of Excellence on HPC, and complementary to the sectors already addressed by other Horizon 2020 activities – i.e. manufacturing SMEs are already covered in I4MS.

Expected Impact:

  • Improving European competitiveness and productivity, by supporting the innovation in SMEs through the use of HPC
  • Widening the user base of EDI by attracting new users of HPC in different application domains
  • More competitive European service providers through provisioning of new types of HPC services

In the same framework, IED has already implemented several innovative projects which included innovative practices.  If you are interested in applying for this call you could contact us and further discuss the available options.

Deadline: 29 January 2019

Available call budget in EUR: 8,000,000

Vasiliki Soumpenioti
Proposal Writer