Technological advances on youth

There is no doubt that technology plays a very important role in our everyday life. Especially for young men and women all around the globe. The huge amounts of information that are being produced, processed and transmitted every day all around the world are a clear result on how much technology can help us advance. And it has now become something more than just a luxury. It is a necessity.

The great development of computers, the Internet and the media has made it possible to manage and disseminate information more efficiently and reliably. However, technological advances affect both positively and negatively.

The IED’s objective is to deal with the issues related to technological advances and mainly the use of Social Media. Our aim is to help youth gain using safe social media skills who have social, educational and financial problems. Because these target group lacks the knowledge on how to use internet consciously and in a safe manner and has a lack of information about digital life. The primary goal is to contribute to the use of the safe internet.

There are certain activities that need to take place in order for young people to learn how to safely use technology. Research must be conducted and based on the results of that research the activities can take place.

In particular after the conduction of the research, concerning the effects of technological advances, high-quality training curricula will be developed with special consideration of the needs of the target group as well as countries’ specificities

  1. Literature studies on social media
  2. Teaching e-module to use skills of safe and conscious social media
  3. Pilot testing through a series of workshops

The IED will always work to implement the best ideas and help the European Society through the implementation of European Projects. The Horizon 2020 financial framework is certainly the kind of project that can implement these great ideas. If you are interested in adding this idea to your Horizon 2020 proposal, then you will gain a great partner for your consortium. The IED is here to give you all the expertise needed in order for you to do this the right way.

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Eva Batzogianni
Content/Social Media Manager

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