The Context of Inclusion in Society

Achieving inclusion in society, is a factor of great significance; as it will impact societal elements. Among these elements are: physical and mental health; education; employment; justice. Social inclusion is defined as the circumstances that facilitate acceptance and participation in it. Thus, this concept is about including everyone in the societal frame, despite their gender, race, religion etc.; by ensuring their rights and their access to opportunities and resources.

Conditions suggesting Inclusion in Society

A crude outline of how being socially included is interpreted, is the combination of a number of the following conditions:

  • Feeling of belonging to the society, they are in, not just being present.
  • Sense the acceptance of being themselves, despite any differences.
  • Participation opportunities in their community.
  • Being involved in activities that match their interests.
  • Develop social relations with others, who share common preferences.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals: Goals Promoting Societal Inclusion

The 2030 Agenda for sustainable development has incorporated, to the overall goal, social inclusion. Hence, here are five of the SDGs that serve this cause:

  • First SDG: Diminish poverty, of every kind, anywhere.
  • Second SDG: Diminish famine.
  • Third SDG: Ensuring good health.
  • Forth SDG: Equity in the educational framework.
  • Eighth SDG: Decent employment opportunities for everyone.

Ways to Foster an Inclusive Culture

Obviously, social inclusion has many components, that should be considered. As a result, this fact that makes promotion of the concept challenging. However, the following suggestions could become potential stipulations that facilitate inclusion:

  • Ensuring employability opportunities, voice and resources in the societal context, they are in.
  • Policymakers should take into account the different needs of the frame’s population.
  • Promoting equal access to services, provided by the societal framework.
  • Ensuring access, in terms of participation, to all the community activities.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) is an active proponent of inclusion in society. Our Institute participates in many Europeans projects that promotes this concept, with many different approaches. If you would like to contribute to our vision, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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