Business Models in Europe

The ‘’ProBM- Understanding and developing business models’’ European project strives to provide a common ground for the exchange of experience and know-how between different types of organizations involved in adult and entrepreneurship education and develop a network for transnational cooperation.

Main outcome within the project will be an online compendium which everyone that wants to set up a business will have the opportunity to visit and have access to useful material about business models, which is a crucial element that every entrepreneur should take under consideration before starting new business activities.

The way that the project will achieve its aims is a bundle of case studies, questionnaires and desk researches that will be the basis for the development of the compendium.

So far, the participating organizations have contacted a desk research on business models’ dimensions. In addition, each partner came in contact with 4 businesses from each country (Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Italy, Slovenia) in order to record 4 case studies for the use of business models.

Within the framework of the project, the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development participated in the third meeting of the project which took place in Slovenia in the city of Rogaska Slatina within the dates 05/10/2017-06/10/2017.

During the meeting, the partner organizations had the chance to discuss over their achievements so far and to set up the next activities. The upcoming step of the project is a multinational survey “Understanding and Developing Business Models” that will be conducted with the use of the survey questionnaire that is currently being developed by the project partners.

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