Can small SMEs develop, grow and internationalize?

In order for SMEs to be created there are certain priorities that need to be taken into account by the owner of the enterprise. Every kind of company requires a smart idea behind it. Most of the times, people creating small or medium enterprises actually have brilliant ideas. Unfortunately, most of those enterprises ‘’lose it’’ somewhere in the middle.

Can small enterprises become big corporations?

Many different SMEs are being created every year but most of them will not make it to their goal. This has actually gotten the current owners of SMEs wandering. Is there really a way for them to develop, grow and internationalize the company? Was everything just a fruitless effort? All the long nights and struggles?

The European Union consider SMEs to be very important. They are the backbone of the European financial environment. They are a remarkably big part of the idea of the industrial modernization of the European society and they are supported by the European Union.

The European Union supports SMEs

For all the owners of SMEs out there who do not think that their company can make it we are here to tell you that you are mistaken. If you were to take into account the programs and projects that are being implemented every year by the European Union, aiming at the development, growth, and internationalization of SMEs then you would realize that you have simply not been taking advantage of the remarkable chances given to you.

If you do not think that your company can succeed today, that’s most likely due to the fact that, you have not yet learned how to take your innovative ideas and your current business and combine them in order to help them grow. The evolution will not happen within a night. It will not happen if you do not devote time to bring your idea to life.

Taking risks is part of the process

Most importantly, it will not happen if you do not take risks. European projects like the SME instrument, have been specifically created in order to help people like you. SME owners who want to see the company become something more.

If you really believe that your company has other future ahead if you believe that your ideas are definitely worth it. If you believe that you have the right people working with you then you know that your company has a lot of perspective for development. Why not simply get a little bit of help in order for you to learn how to develop your company into something bigger?

Embrace internationalization as a final goal for your company!

You must not be afraid of internationalization. Yes, I can be quite daunting but it is most certainly not frightening. Not if you know exactly how to do it. Not if you have the right basis. Not if you have built a perfect foundation to take that step. That can only be achieved by learning how to do it. Using tools and instruments and guidelines specifically created for that purpose will evidently give you the opportunity to move forward with your company.

There are countless organizations all around Europe but have been working hard in order to implement European projects aimed towards the development of SMEs. Try to find these organizations. Learn what it is that they can provide you with. Become a part of these projects and learn first hand, how to evolve your small business into a big corporation.

Remember that you have the complete support of the European Union. If there is a time for your company to evolve, that time is now.

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Thodoris Alexandrou
Financial Officer

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