Career Management Skills Catalogue and How it Works

In a labor market that continuously transforms, career management skills seem to be the set of skills that correspond to the future, among other skillsets. However, the demands that will emerge in the work landscape, and the necessary qualifications to meet them, are questions that are not yet answered.

The Career Skills Project

This Erasmus+ project has the overall goal to become the reference point of career guidance, by the creation of a European network and a marketplace that addresses to:

  • Young people and adults, who are seeking a new career path, that need support and labor market matching.
  • Career guidance practitioners and other career intermediaries that have a supportive role.
  • Other stakeholders, related to the career guidance sector.

The project foresees deploying existing research, and through elaboration of this data, to proceed in a catalogue of management skills. It is a strategic partnership between 6 organizations, from: Bulgaria; Finlandia; Greece; France; Great Britain; and Germany.

For more information, you can visit the official website of the project.

Career Management Skills Catalogue: The Content

This catalogue is a collection of the most essential competencies, related to management. This career guidance resource encompasses the following elements:

  • List and glossary that correspond to management skills.
  • The framework of the competencies; namely, the knowledge needed, accompanied skills and attitudes, and levels of proficiency.
  • Pertinent online skills’ evaluation tools.
  • Guidelines on how to make the most out of the provided resources.
  • Resources to amplify the existing skills.

Entrepreneurship is a core element of iED’s activity scope; and, the set of career management skills are identified as imperative, in terms of the job market’s emerging demands. Hence, our team considers Career Skills a promising project.

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