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Career Skills Project | Skills for Career Management

Career Skills Project | Skills for Career Management

Finding a job nowadays is a multifaceted dilemma with a lot of factors that come into play. Employees in the past were simply worried to find a stable job that would allow them to own a house and eventually create a family. But for most, finding a job means something more than just paying the bills nowadays. But for someone to be successful in finding the ideal position, it is vital to develop skills for career management.

These days, prospective workers look for meaningful positions that tick a lot of their desired boxes. Not only they are looking for a good salary, but, among others, to be working on something that they are passionate about, work alongside good colleagues and have growth opportunities. Career management skills play a crucial role in finding the best career opportunities for someone’s needs.

Why Skills for Career Management are Important for a Meaningful Career

Possessing the knowledge and skills necessary for better career management is crucial for all current and future employees. As employees look for more benefits besides fair wages, the competition is high for such positions or companies.  

Furthermore, career management skills are essential for both individuals and businesses. At an individual level, they equip employees with all the necessary skills crucial for their professional success, thus turning them more competitive. As a result, those employees can find jobs easier as businesses would gladly hire such talented employees.  

However, career management also requires something extra than soft skills. Prospective workers need to be aware of the labour market situation and have a career plan in place. It is impossible to reach from point A to the desired point Z with limited working experience. But identifying your end target and carefully devising a career plan will go a long way in one’s career.

Identify and Improve your Skills with Career Skills Platform

Career Skills Project seeks to provide training to young people and adults who want to make a transition in their careers to match the labour market demands. The training will be provided by career guidance practitioners and organizations that provide career support to individuals.

For the purposes of the project, Career Skills Project partners developed the Career Skills Platform to become a one-stop-shop for citizens and career guidance providers for career skills development in Europe. The Career Skills Platform contains the following:

  1. Career Skills Catalogue – Serves as a reference point for individuals and career guidance practitioners for the most essential career competencies.
  2. Career Skills Assessment Tool – This tool evaluates career management skills through 36 statements and based on 12 career skills.
  3. Career Skills MOOC – 75 hours of learning that includes video lessons, case studies and expert tips to improve skills for career management.
  4. Career Services Map – An interactive guide for career services providers all over Europe.
  5. Career Service Network – A community of career guidance professionals, policy actors and users across Europe to share ideas and resources.


As the demand for skilled workforce increases and the workplace becomes a field of increased competition, Career Skills Platform becomes an asset for all prospective employees or individuals who want to transition into their careers.

Specifically, it will help them learn what are the current essential skills for professional success, identify their own strengths and what they lack. Most importantly, it will provide them with all the necessary learning tools and guidance to build on those strengths. Finally, the Career Services Map will allow learners to find the best career services provider closest to them.

To learn more about the Career Skills Project and the Career Skills Platform, visit the official webpage.

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