CMS Catalogue: A Comprehensive Guide for Career Guidance

A career guidance catalogue has been produced to correspond to the demands of the future labor market. This catalogue lists the professional management skills for future professionals. Furthermore, this deliverable was produced within the frame of the European initiative of “Career Skills: The Career Skills Project

Career Skills: Foreseeing the Professional Profiles of the Future

This Erasmus+ project aims to help employees to maintain their presence in the forthcoming labor markets’ circumstances. Skills related to upcoming job descriptions are vague; as the job market landscape keeps altering. Nonetheless, a skillset that is expected to be continued in the future is career management skills. The Career Skills plan foresees producing a thorough analysis regarding the most essential professional skills. The project addresses career guidance practitioners and other intermediaries, offering career support to individuals. The project’s strategic partnership comprises of 6 organizations from Bulgaria; Finland; Greece; France; Great Britain; and Germany.

Find out more about Career Skills on the official webpage of the project.

CMS Catalogue: A Career Guidance Reference Point

This deliverable is about producing a complete catalogue of skills related to career management. In particular, the research methodology involved an extensive skills mapping process, through the examination of existent data. The content of the developed CMS catalogue contains the following information:

  • List and glossary.
  • A career management skills matrix that includes required knowledge; additional skills; mindset; and various levels of proficiency.
  • An online tool of self-assessment.
  • A guide to deploy the existing resources to the fullest.
  • Finally, resources pertinent to career management skills improvement.

Our Institute, as a leading Center of Excellence in European Entrepreneurship, acknowledges the significance of career guidance for a regular introduction to the labor markets. iED is an active participant in many European initiatives that address entrepreneurial demands. If you would like to contribute to our mission, you can book an appointment with our team. We always value collaboration on innovative ideas.

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