Contribute to the Green Paper of the URBAGRI4WOMEN project!

The partnership of the URBAGRI4WOMEN – “Innovative practices and urban initiatives in the field of agriculture to promote integration of migrant women into the host society”, a project that is being co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union, continuing their work towards the successful integration of the migrant women through urban agricultural practices, not only in the receiving societies of the 7 participating countries, i.e. Italy, Greece, Portugal, France, Cyprus, Austria and the UK, but in every European country, seeks to establish migration policies that will live long after the project is concluded. To this end, a Green Paper has been developed in order to prompt debate and give rise to a process of consultation in all EU countries.

What is a Green Paper?

Generally, a Green Paper is a document that includes proposals and suggestions for policy reform, with the aim to provide opportunities for and stimulate discussion, debate and consultation. The conclusions and outcomes of a Green Paper usually pave the way for a concrete and sound agenda for policy reform and consolidation through the active involvement of key actors.

Take part!

The URBAGRI4WOMEN partnership invites all interested parties, i.e. migration integration stakeholders, associations and bodies, trainers and social workers, adult educators, urban agriculture stakeholders, environmental stakeholders etc., based in Greece or elsewhere in Europe, to participate in this debate, express their views and contribute to the development of an agenda that involves migrant women in the sustainable progress of the cities and lays the foundation for a common Union approach to asylum and immigration actions into Municipalities.


Read the Green Paper here and following that, express your own views on the matters at hand, i.e. the policy challenge and response, the role of the European Union and of the Municipalities and also indicate the best practices in involving migrant women in the sustainable development of cities,  here

Your contributions will make a great difference!
Submit them until 20/10/2018!

Anna Koronioti
Project Manager

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