Developing an online platform for the safe use of Social Media

The use of social media has broadly spread nowadays. A multitude of different tools and applications exist now,  that are being used both on a personal and professional level. However, the benefits of online social platforms are often offset by the dangers and negative effects, which arise due to their unsafe use.

The “gap” in education on safe use of social networks is visible, as well as the need to raise awareness among adult users. An important effort towards the creation of that type of training is the European project ERASMUS + ”Safe Social Media – Use Safe Of Social Media For Adults”, the implementation of which is also contributed by the Institute for Entrepreneurship Development, together with partners from Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Turkey. The specific objectives of the project are the creation of a digital platform with informative and educational content on the safe use of social media and also the development of a short-term adult education program.  Under that viewpoint, the 3rd Transnational Project Meeting took place from 23-26 July 2017, in the historic Warsaw of Poland. The participants on behalf of Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Anastasios Gialamas, Anna Argyri, Angela Mantse, Elisavet Latsiou and Ilias Bampagenes, had the opportunity to present issues concerning the use of social media by women 18-35-year-old, according to the division of tasks determined in the previous Transnational meeting, but also to cooperate with partners in order to develop the tools that will be integrated into the platform as well as into the training program.

The participants were focused mainly on the preparation of the questionnaires to be used before and after the implementation of the educational program (pre-test, final-test), on the structure of the training modules -as well as in the hours for each one- and finally on the evaluation questionnaire of the educational process. The resulting data clarified the final form of these tools, but also created a new distribution of research tasks for each partner, in order to make available in the future, for each country, both the online platform and the short-term education model. The next transnational meeting is scheduled to take place in October in Greece, in the city of Larissa.

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