Developing a strong workforce to overcome youth unemployment

It is extremely difficult for young people without a formal education that are in unemployment to find a job. However, even without formal training or labour market experience, young people do gather competences.

Globalization, demographic change, technological advances and the financial crisis have created major challenges for today’s societies. Individuals have to confront rapidly changing data and to learn how to keep up with these changes and advancement.

In order to function well in this “new” diverse world, the need for adaptability is no longer a choice. It is vitally necessary that individuals develop competences in a wide range of fields, which will allow them to adapt to the evolution and the changing environment and decrease unemployment. It is necessary for youths to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and competences in terms of entrepreneurship, a field that is gaining high interest and which can provide as a means to exit the crisis.

iED is implementing several innovative projects for youths in order to assist them gaining the necessary knowledge to excellence in labour market and to create a well-equipped workforce.

One example of innovative projects is the Transform@ Project to combat unemployment.

E-commerce is a modern way to market goods and services through the use of ICTs, especially by capitalizing the advantages of Internet; it is a really useful resource to reinforce or complement traditional sales channels. At the same time, it creates the opportunity and access for new and original businesses.

Thus, came the need to exchange experience and knowledge with other European Countries and to implement new strategies in order to open new perspectives for commerce in rural areas and to train young people.

Moreover, during TransForm@ project we created a game-based training course for young Vocational Education Training students. By simulating realistic business activities, virtually cooperating with people from other countries, the trainees improved their digital skills and will develop entrepreneurship to combat unemployment; they experienced the international dimension of business and they faced with realistic work situation. In the same time, they explored e-commerce opportunities in rural areas and they approached the real work world.

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